Mold & Mildew Removal

Mold Removal – The Cutting-Edge
There are several ways to remove mold. The best way to remove mold will vary depending on the situation, material involved costs versus practical application etc.. This mold removal video demonstrates cutting edge mold removal.

What you are seeing in the video is carbon dioxide operating at 109° below zero and under high pressure. Carbon dioxide or dry ice is used as a medium to blast away mold from various substrates. This is high-tech equipment and cutting-edge mold removal technology.

There is a major kill rate of the mold as the carbon dioxide makes contact with the substrate. Remember, the carbon dioxide is approximately 100° below zero. The cleanup from this method is extremely minimal compared with other methods of removal, sandblasting, soda blasting, wire brushing etc. Because the carbon dioxide sublimates, jumps from a solid to a gaseous form, very little cleanup is required after the mold removal. Additionally, air scrubbers, negative air, and high-energy particulate arresting or HEPA vacuums are used during this process for containment and air quality assurance.

Case Study Mold – Playroom
In this case study mold was detected on drywall in the basement area. The contamination was of great concern to the new homeowners given that this area was designated to be the new playroom of their young son.

Excessive moisture was evidence from the wet concrete block behind the drywall causing mold to form along the perimeter of the drywall. We removed the mold, drywall and the framing according to protocol which was written by an industrial hygienist from an independent lab.Protocol for this procedure of mold removal was written by an environmental hygienist, following mold removal protocol is necessary and basic to the remediation process.

We then reframed, re-drywall, installed electric, and installed new carpet and pad. Note; none of these services are subcontracted. The benefit of this to the consumer is several fold. Multiple contractors can often be a scheduling nightmare. Also, the seamless coordination provided by one contractor usually provides a superior result.

These are the pictures of the before, during, and after. This family is now enjoying their new playroom area.

Angie’s List referral given to us by our customer:


Here is the report that we left for you and All Dry Now, Inc. on
Angie’s List. Please feel free to add it to your testimonial page on
your website. We hope you like it. Thanks so much, Bill!”

“Bill Birx of All Dry Now, Inc. was a life saver for us. We had an
independent environmental mold testing company refer Bill and his
services for remediation of toxic black mold that was growing in our
partially finished basement. We were incredibly impressed with Bill’s
professionalism, expertise, and punctuality with our entire situation.
Bill broke down all of the steps that needed to be done to do the job
the right way, even if it was going to be a few days to a week to
eliminate all of the mold that was growing in our basement.

Bill worked around our availability and was extremely accommodating.
He and his team were very meticulous through each and every step of
the project. With Bill’s 30+ years of experience in the property
recovery industry, as well as the contracting business, we also
decided to go with him to rebuild our basement once the mold
remediation was complete and he was very reasonable. Bill and his
team did an exceptional job in putting up new dry-wall and studs to
replace the damaged walls, making sure our basement was even better
than before.

We feel extremely lucky to have met someone that we can trust. Bill
was extremely friendly and respectful of our time and of all the
questions we had. We are proud of the work he has done for us and we
would absolutely recommend him to others that are looking for the same
services we had Bill and All Dry Now, Inc. perform for us.”

Case Study Mold – A Soffit
This homeowner had a leaky toilet in the upstairs bathroom. The leak was small and somewhat insidious, it was not discovered right away, and months went by as the mold grew in the Soffit area.

As these pictures illustrate the remediation was a complete success. The mold was removed and partially encapsulated. We then re-dry walled the header the result was excellent.